The future is now mapped out and it’s called radiofrequency. Do you really think we should wait to act while the competition arelooking already to adapt? Do you really think that managing the linen reducing shrinkage there is a limit on the bushels washed per day? And what about sorting of dirt in a more accurate way? but the talk is long..

There are many manufacturers of transponders and they can be used in many ways in the production cycle. Buying those “safe” (Datamars and Invengo especially) does not exist. Attention in each case to the press that pressure should not exceed 60 bars!!!

No problem. If you may have a fast and stable Internet, you can use a connection with your system without any particular installation inside the 2 hospitals (the server used will be the laundry’s one), otherwise you should put  a computer in each hospital (which will act as a local server) and then set the night synchronization of databases.

Legitimate concerns, but outdated issues. Better look into that in more detail.

Yes it is possible, indeed I recommend it!!. in case you don’t, it would become problematic to read “contaminated” dirt because some linen would be detectable by antennas and some not, creating a lot of problems. Better though deepen especially on where and how to apply the chips.

I think it’s a good opportunity, both for increasing business and complete his service.

Must use obviously the smallest size, but be careful not to use the wrong ones to avoid compromising the reading of dirt.

It really is a question on which we could discuss the days …

In principle, now UHF is better because it became reliable. Beware the many negatives that still exist in the use of this technology that however is the future of radio frequency.

Laundry RFId System allows you to start small and grow step by step as you increase the business.  It can treat both barcode and chip. Yet, it’s better to make an inspection to see even the premises where you are going to start the activities. Do you have to buy computers? Do you already have the network?

Ideally, you should give the chips to the apparel producer to place them directly in hollow seams, inside pockets, etc. etc. While preparing them new. Otherwise there are the bags or there are also types that you can sew as buttons. Better to talk about it …

Are you sure? Look at what has been a long time than when they cost €1 a chip. Contact me at 346 4975925 for prices and payment. Will be amazed!!

Probably those who talk like of them are using crappy chip (there are so many builders) or they are using them in the wrong way. When properly used (pay attention to the presses! max 60 bar) they are warranted for at least 300 washes or for 3 years. But believe me, I have clients who have found chips that had 6-7 years of life (obviously not always applied the same chief …) and they worked fine even now …

Certamente, NON è a pagamento.

They are cheap because, quite simply, we are pleased to earn a little less …

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The question is a little bit too generic, but I will try to answer it. Bear in mind that we must see together from what we have to start (certainly not all production phases together and at the same time), we need to understand which machines need, ordering the hardware, install the software, do some training … Definitely not less than 3 months, but may need twice as much …

Absolutely not. Also plain, linen guests … We also specialize in the sterilization center and TTR supplies to operating rooms.

NO problem. If it doesn’t already exist, we can design it together and you will see that soon there will be at least one in her laundry.

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